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Vaginal dryness or low sex drive while breastfeeding?

Your doctor gave you the all clear, you can now have sex!!! YAY!

but wait.......

You haven't had the urge or maybe you have and it felt like a desert down there.

Do not fret, many many couples report changes in their sex lives after the addition of a new member. There are many factors such as feeling touched out, sleep deprivation or a sense of self change that contribute to our desires of sexual connection.

When it comes to the dryness, the biggest reason for it is hormones... say hello to low estrogen. Low levels may result in vaginal dryness, tenderness and tightness (and not the good kind!) Do not worry, it does not last forever. All women have low estrogen after given birth and within the first few months postpartum. Some women's level return to normal within the first 6 months while others level return after they have started to weaned or have completely weaned from breastfeeding.

Ways to help increase comfort for vaginal discomfort is:

water based lubricants,

communication with your partner, and

reminding yourself that this is normal.

You may be thinking, okay but I don't even feel the desire for sex. My libido is gone!

It is taking me much longer to feel aroused. My partner is loving, kind and understanding. I do not understand why I am feeling this disconnect.

Here is something to ease your mind, prolactin, which is the hormone that is responsible for your milk production, can cause low libido.

The big take away is that nature intended for us to slow down after birth and during breastfeeding/lactation. It is a way to help preserve our energy and vitality.

Know that you are normal and it is not uncommon!

You should always reach out to your physician if you have any concerns or questions.


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