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Breastmilk Soap

What to do with your old freezer milk? Did you find out your baby had a food allergy? Was some milk left out on the counter for too long?

Below you'll find 3 recipes and links to all the things needed to them.

This recipe is interchangeable meaning you can use whatever type of organic soap (shea butter, goats milk, hemp, etc), can add in avocado, aloe vera, a different essential oil (being mindful of the strength + topical benefits).

Take a look at your refillable stores in your area to find oils and soap.

Here is a couple in Oklahoma.

Bulk Refillable -

amazon links -

goats milk soap -

Dried Flowers -

heart soap mold -

essential oil -

calendula oil -


*this is not medical advice and make at your own discretion

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