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Good Books

Mental Health

  • Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

  • Dropping the baby and other scary thoughts

  • This isn't what I expected: Overcoming postpartum depression

  • The Postpartum Depression Workbook

  • Why breastfeeding grief and trauma matter

  • Anxiety Workbook for pregnancy and postpartum 

  • Why Birth Trauma Matters

  • You got anything stronger

  • The little blue rocket ship: A children's story about postpartum depression 

Why breastfeeding grief and trauma matter

Breastfeeding, Policy and Public Health

  • The Big Letdown

  • Skimmed

  • Unlatched

  • Making More Milk

  • Relactation: A guide to rebuilding your milk supply

  • The pumping princess: A guide to exclusively pumping breastmilk for your baby

  • The nursing mothers guide to weaning

The big letdown

Toddler books about weaning

  • A time to wean

  • Nursies when the sun shines

  • My milk will go, our love will grown

  • Loving Comfort

  • Baby Moon

  • Milkies in the morning

weaning from breastfeeding


  • Safe Infant Sleep

  • Rest, play, grow: making sense of preschoolers

  • Raising good humans

  • The Montessori baby

  • 100 questions for mom

  • The conscious parent : transforming ourselves, empowering our children 

  • Raising a Secure Child: 

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